Nourishing Your Creativity: Online Workshop Series

Our creativity is our essence. If you know this, feel it and want to live it, then join us for an exploration that will allow you to recover what has been lost and nourish it back into your life. A series of online sessions over Autumn-Winter 2020.

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Nourishing Your Creativity: Online Workshop Series

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06 Nov 2020, 08:00 GMT – 22 Jan 2021, 18:00 GMT

Fortnightly Online Workshop Series

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Nourishing Your Creativity

Online Workshop Series – Autumn-Winter 2020

To live close to the instinctual nature does not mean to become undone.  It means to establish one’s creative territory, find one’s pack, be in one’s body with certainty and pride.”

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Our creativity is our essence. If you know this, feel it and want to live it, then join us for an exploration that will allow you to recover what has been lost and nourish it back into your life.

Do you long for a richer, more creative life but find you :

·  don’t have enough time/energy/space

·  feel that whatever you do is not good enough

·  want what you create to be perfect so struggle to play/experiment or enjoy the process

·  don’t know where to start or what to create

·  feel paralysed each time you sit down to do something creative

·  feel you should be doing something more “worthwhile” when you do find time to create

·  feel selfish doing something for yourself

·  don’t enjoy creating alone

The creative force flows over the terrain of our psyches looking for the natural hollows” Dr Estés reminds us. We each find different ways to block the flow. So we need to open up those spaces in ourselves; soften to the creative energy that abounds in this world, in nature, in children, in writing, painting, the kitchen, the bedroom and allow it to flow through. We need to cleanse the waters so that they can run clean and clear again.

This workshop series offers you a chance to learn, through the power of storytelling and story mapping, how and where you lost your natural connection with your creative soul and find ways to reconnect so as to live more creatively and more freely.

You will do this, guided and supported by me and a collective of women who want the same and who will encourage to do your creative work, not just talk about doing it or why you’re not doing it.

We will use the ancient tale of La Llorona to guide us through this exploration. It is a tale among Spanish speaking people, said to originate in the 1500s. It’s about the river of life that becomes the river of death. The destruction of the fertile feminine. We will think about it together – its symbolism – what it tells us about a woman’s creativity - about your creative force – what it means to create for ourselves, rather than for others. For many of us this is a struggle, loaded with guilt.  If this is true for you, then this series of workshops may help.

Through this series, you will:

·  Identify the stories you tell yourself about creativity/the creative life – understand the family and social origin and how they shape your relationship with your own creativity

·  Recognise the value of your creative gifts

·  Understand how you neglect and sabotage your creative self and allow others to do the same

·  Learn how to create and hold space for your creative self and to invite others to support you

·  Develop rituals and practices to keep your creativity pure and flowing

·  Feel the vitality and possibility of your creative life

·  Reshape your relationship with your creative self

·  Create, create, create…

We will do this through:

·  A coaching session with me to identify your personal creative goals

·  Six community zoom sessions (2 hours) each fortnight November – January

·  Weekly videos and creative prompts from me to help keep your creative well filled

·  Online forum to discuss and share ideas, work and progress and to build your creative community

·  Materials, exercises and reading tailored to you

Our first community session will be on Friday 6 November, 8-10am GMT. Subsequent sessions will be on: 20 November, 4 December, 18 December and then 8 January and 22 January.

We will keep this intimate – maximum 6-8 people so that you each have space in the group for sharing, listening, exploration and deep diving.

We will record the sessions so that you have access if you can’t make a session.

Sign up now to book your place. £375 + VAT if you book before 9 October. After that £425 + VAT.

I would really like this to be open to everyone irrespective of income. If you’re keen to open up to your creativity and this is too much for you right now, drop me a line to talk about instalments or reduced rates.





  • Nourishing Your Creativity


    +£75 VAT

    +£11.25 Service fee


    +£75 VAT

    +£11.25 Service fee





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