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September 2017 Soul Notes

I don't know about you but I've got that September feeling. At this time of the year, I'm inspired to sharpen my pencils, to fill my pencil case with new pens, to start brand new notebooks and have that familiar excitement of a new year beginning. I feel creative and experimental and full of anticipation. I have been studying in the rhythm of the academic year for the last four years and having now completed my psychotherapy diploma, I'm channelling my back-to-school energy into my work and into you, my wonderful clients.  So, I am looking forward to offering some new ways of  working with me this year, more of which, later...

As a student, I've remembered many things that I've known for a while, but which have become a bit blurry in the thrust and drive of my business life. The first is how thrilling it is to be part of a learning community. To have a place to go where I don't have to have all the answers, where I can mull and be curious, where I have people investing in my growth and development and where I can have meandering conversations with the sole purpose of learning.

The second is the potency of diversity. I've been in groups with people of different ages, gender, cultural and religious background, sexuality, etc. and have been bowled over by the richness of our conversation. Diversity + openness + real listening = mind expanding, creative, inspiring dialogue. Who wouldn't want more of that?

The third thing is how little I know! The more I learn, the more this becomes apparent. I have deepened my understanding of the human psyche over these last few years (and understand myself a smidge better too) and am keen to bring this understanding to all of my coaching, consulting and supervision in a way that allows you to tune into yourself so you can discover what's really important in your life and in your work. This insight means that the discovery never stops and it never stops being exciting for me, and hopefully for you too.

And finally the liberation of experimentation and taking risks. My study has invited me to step way beyond my comfort zone, always with lots of human support and care in place. I have felt hugely uncomfortable. I've been frustrated, confused, disenfranchised and lost but through that experience I have grown in insight, in confidence, in humility and in vibrancy. It's like there's more of me available now as I've been pushing against those self imposed boundaries.

All of these things feel essential for a vibrant, rich, generative life, whether at study or at work or at home. I'm open now to new communities where I can find these ingredients. I also want to nurture this in my client communities and create new spaces where they are present and can thrive.I know many of you are going through your own major changes.  You may have a new role and be wondering how you can be a potent leader and remain authentic and sane. You may be taking time to consider what the next phase of your life is about and how you can bring more of yourself to the things and people you care about. Or there could be changes at home with children on the way, newly born, or growing up; with ageing parents who need your care, all of which shift the balance of what’s important to you. And there’s more of course. Community and connection are so essential at all times, but especially through times of change. I hope we can build some more of that together. If you would like to share what you're creating or would like to join me, please do get in touch. I would love to hear what this new year holds for you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new term.

Warmest wishes

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