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Would you like some space to reflect?

When a supervisee comes to supervision, both people will be changed by the relationship and the conversation that happens between them.

(Supervision) a place for everyone in the system to be thought about or held in mind.  It is a place to have deep conversations; it is a place to think creatively with a joined heart/mind perspective.

Wilmot, J.

I hold a space for coaches to bring their client experiences in order to reflect, more deeply understand their own practice and themselves. 

Here, you can think about ethical dilemmas, boundary management and how to deal with “difficult” situations. You can explore systemic dynamics and parallel processes and think about your own personal development and where you might encounter problems. It will raise your self-awareness, your awareness of organisational dynamics and perhaps point you in different directions as to how you want to develop further.

I lead group supervision and leader reflection sessions in organisations, holding space for deep reflection and dialogue on what it means to lead; to enable others and to create communities. These spaces and conversations are needed more than ever to restore people to themselves; to allow them to return to their quiet centre, to their body, to their breath so that they can navigate the demands and complexities of the busy world they are part of.

If you would like to find out more about my groups or individual supervision, then let’s talk.

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I work with Sandra in group supervision and individual supervision and what I appreciate most in these sessions is that, from the first moment, she is able to create a sense of space, silence and deep connection. I trust her and I know we will go deep every time, beyond the superficial layers and into what is really going on. In my personal coaching practice, she has helped me to identify the underlying dynamics between myself, my clients and the wider environment I operate in and she has supported me building more meaningful partnerships with clients. In a group setting, Sandra is able to bring both structure and flow, the expertise of someone who has done this work for many years and the curiosity to ask powerful questions and help the group connect with each other and find the common thread. Sandra is genuinely caring, honest, profound and knowledgeable and has been a true partner for me in expanding and deepening my coaching practice.

— Corina Potarniche, Systemic Coach, Discovery EMEA

Coaching asks that we hold people as they explore their challenges and vulnerabilities, and build a relationship that allows them to feel safe enough to explore so that they might grow. We cannot underestimate the work involved in this and the support we require to be fully available to what emerges.

I believe that supervision is a critical resource, no matter how experienced you are, to allow the continued process of experiential learning. 


Particularly, when you’re starting out, it is especially important to ensure you work ethically. You don’t know what you don’t know and supervision is a place to uncover those blind spots as well as to understand your strengths. It gives you an objective lens on your practice and enables you to step back, pause the action and see more clearly what is going on and how you might further engage to deepen your relationship and the work. In this way, you feel competent, build confidence and have a deepening sense of how you might use these skills in other areas.

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I have a post graduate Diploma in Coaching Supervision (Distinction) accredited by Leeds Beckett University (2014).

Supervision Reflections