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Would you like to explore and understand your story?

You might feel a little tentative as you begin to explore therapy for yourself.  So here's a little about me and how I found therapy, and eventually trained and became a therapist.

I started my professional life in the corporate world.  I have over 25 years experience as a lawyer, business leader and coach and have coached leaders for 18 years. I began training as an integrative counsellor 9 years ago and have been working therapeutically with a diverse range of clients for the last 7 years.

I’ve come to realise, after many years of working in high pressurised environments, balancing family and work commitments, that I’ve always been trying to “get somewhere” and "prove myself" often missing the full experience of the present moment, and also more interested in what others wanted from me, rather than what I wanted for myself.

My own therapy has been a space where I have discovered what I really think, feel and want, and have found great peace in learning how to quieten my mind to allow myself to tune into the wisdom of my body and heart as well.  This allows me to make better decisions, to build more nourishing relationships, and to live a more fulfilled, purposeful and creative life.  I no longer have to get somewhere, I just have to be where I am and live from there.

It is this that I hope to offer to my clients.  A space to connect with yourself, in company, and to discover the stories you want to tell in your life.

The human soul doesn't want to be advised or fixed or saved. It simply wants to be witnessed - to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is.

Parker J. Palmer

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I have a diploma in Integrative Counselling from The Minster Centre (a UKCP registered centre for integrative psychotherapy), accredited by Middlesex University.

As an integrative counsellor, I draw on a variety of therapeutic approaches depending on the needs of my client. I place great importance on building a therapeutic relationship where you feel that you can explore whatever is most important to you, at the pace and in the way you wish. You are at the centre of all our work, and I believe that the answers to whatever questions you’re asking come from within you, at a mind, body and spirit level. My job is to accompany you back to yourself. 

Along the way, we will examine what your life experience has been so far; how it has shaped you; what stories you tell yourself; how you have learned to build relationships and what beliefs and assumptions you carry into your connections with others. Through this exploration, you will have a deeper awareness of yourself and your life.

At a practical level, I work both face to face and virtually with individuals on a short or long term basis. I see clients for weekly 50 minute appointments in London and St Albans. 


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I believe in the value of therapy for everyone and understand that it is often outside the financial reach of people who most need it. I offer low cost therapy options to a small number of private clients, depending on circumstances. These spaces are limited, but it’s always worth enquiring if you think you’d like to work with me but are worried about fees.

As well as my private practice, I volunteer at the low cost therapy service at Highbury Counselling Centre. There I have supported clients in the local community with issues ranging from anxiety, depression, burnout, eating disorders, issues of sexual and racial identity, grief and trauma. I currently work with the team to assess new clients to determine the support we can provide. 

If you live in the borough of Highbury & Islington, in London, and would like to access low cost therapy services, click the link below.